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FACT: The thighbone is so strong that it withstands the axial load of about 1600-1800 kilos.

Anatomy Stomach Pain

Stress in the upper body and soreness in the jaw can reveal Angina pectoris, a condition that is caused by lowered blood flow on the heart. Anginas pectoris, an indication of coronary artery disease, is described as the sensation that your chest is squeezed or perhaps is tom; you may truly feel a band of firmness, or have the opinion that anything heavy is usually on your breasts. Stable anginas, the most common kind, is continuing, and usually occurs with exercise; unstable halsbet?ndelse is an uncharacteristic or fresh chest pain — or a change in customary angina symptoms — that could point out an approaching heart attack. The outward symptoms of halsbet?ndelse — chest pain, jaw problems, nausea, tiredness, dizziness as well as sweating — can be just like those of some sort of heart attack. Chance factors for angina are generally smoking, diabetic, high blood pressure, heart problems, sedentary lifestyle, obesity along with stress.

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